The Way I Know You Now

It’s been a long time since I’ve released any new music. That’s not to say that there hasn’t been any new music—just that I haven’t had the opportunity to record and release it. Until now.

Last year we were told that my father has Stage 4 incurable cancer. It’s the kind of news that gets you thinking about your life and the people in it in a different way. All of a sudden, you’re viewing the world through a different lens—one of gratitude and yes, sentimentality and nostalgia as well. And being that I’m so far away from my family, it’s been difficult in some ways for me to stay connected to the reality of our situation. Which makes me so grateful for the gift that God has given to me to be able to pick up my guitar and craft words and music around my feelings and experiences. It’s always been such a helpful way to process all the “stuff” that I go through.

This song came out of the space of thinking about my dad and the man that he is and what I’ve discovered about him over the years. But as I was writing it, I realized that it’s not just specifically and exclusively about MY dad, but in truth, it’s a song about becoming an adult and seeing and discovering your parents in a different way than you knew them when you were a child. Hopefully it resonates with you as well.

You can listen to it below or purchase and download it here.

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